Who we are

Empowering consultants with transformative support

As a capability partner, our focus is on enabling boutique consulting firms and independent consultants to meet their project delivery needs with minimum hassle, maximum efficiency, and optimal accuracy

We are catalysts

Consultants require multifaceted support. IBC stands as a strategic ally for boutique consulting firms and independent consultants, offering tailored consulting support, knowledge services, and business aid.

We fuel our partners' growth, enabling them to seamlessly deliver, scale, and optimize their consulting ventures using our transformative and specialized services.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make the world a happy and prosperous place by supporting millions of consulting firms globally become sustainable and profitable, resulting in a massive difference in the global economy and giving our team a fulfilling exciting and nurturing life.


A dedicated team of full-time management consultants & research analysts.

No interns or untrained part-timers:

  • Senior team with 40+ years combined consulting expertise for each project

  • Global experiences offering diverse perspectives to every consulting task

  • Skilled in ML and AI, delivering innovative, transformative results

  • 7 MBAs in Strategy, 6 MBAs in Finance, 8 Masters of Science, 4 Masters of Economics and others

Leadership Team

Infinitely Curious