What we do

We provide effortless, timely, and cost-effective access to reliable consulting, research, analytics, intelligence, insights, and data

Dive into our diverse suite of engagements, showcasing our adeptness in fortifying consultants with results-driven solutions across continents and sectors:

Assisting a boutique consulting firm in crafting a supply chain strategy for Covid-19 vaccination drive, IBC managed the PMO, optimized vaccine distribution, and enhanced operation efficiency for the healthcare sector

Supporting a New York-based consultant in assessing the fintech landscape in MENA. We conducted in-depth market research, gauging the fit for online checkout solutions among digital retailers in the SEA region

Assisting a UK consultancy in navigating the global visa processing market, from thorough market analysis to partner identification and joint bid endeavors

Helping an Australian consultant optimize growth strategy for a public services company, identifying new market opportunities and addressing underperforming units

Assisting a Saudi-based consulting firm in designing an efficient operating model for a government department, streamlining the land registration process for improved national real estate regulation

Supporting a European consulting firm in executing a digital transformation strategy for a top retail brand. IBC led the PMO, ensuring timely milestone delivery and positioning the brand for digital market leadership

Management Consulting Support

A dedicated cohort of experienced consultants, combined with best-in-class methodologies, ensures you deliver optimal solutions to your clients, bolstering your consulting endeavors.

Management Consulting Support encompasses strategy development, operational transformation, due diligence, PMO operations, and any tailored consulting services you might need.

Intelligence and Insights

Harnessing the power of state-of-the-art analytical tools and a diverse knowledge base, we bring to your table the insights necessary to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Intelligence and Insights services span AI-based analysis, business feasibility studies, visualization & reporting, industry benchmarking and market sizing, and any bespoke intelligence requirements you might have.

Growth Enabling Services

Empower your business trajectory with our suite of growth-centric offerings. From the foundation to execution, we've got you covered.

Our Growth Enabling Services include pitch-deck and proposal development, strategic market outreach via social media campaigns and newsletters, lead generation & database building, among other essential business support offerings.

Our expertise is in empowering both segments

Independent Consultants: IBC bridges your capacity gaps, enabling you to take on and deliver larger projects with the support of our specialized consulting team

Boutique Consulting Firms: IBC amplifies your firm's delivery capabilities, allowing you to scale efficiently and tackle more complex engagements by seamlessly integrating our high-caliber consultants and researchers into your existing teams

We align your organization to excellence.

Industry agnostic:

We navigate a myriad of sectors, bringing insights from our decade-long journey in industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Technology, Retail, Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications, Public Sector, Real Estate, and Transportation & Logistics."

Regional expertise:

Our consulting experience stretches across North America, Western Europe, the Nordics, the GCC, SE Asia, and Australia. We've successfully delivered tailored solutions throughout these regions, amplifying our partners' impact.