Case Study – People Research


An Australian consulting firm wanted us to create persona profile for the CIO of a Fortune 500 company

12 to 15 hours of research

With prior knowledge about the CIO’s background and professional interests, the client was better positioned to pitch his services


Table of Contents


1.  Overview

2.  Professional and Educational Background

3.  XXXX’s Professional Journey

4.  Educational Background

5.  Awards and Recognitions

6.  Recent Blogs/Article

7.  CIO Live – a TV show broadcasted by XXXXX

8.  XXXXX XXXXX Statements

9.  On Cloud Accelerates Tech Upgrades

10. On Adopting Microsoft OneDrive for Business Scale

11. View on the role of CIO

12. Interviews

13. CIO Perspectives: XXXXX XXXXX


15. YouTube Video

16. Technologies mentioned by XXXXX 

17. XXXXX’s Interests

18. LinkedIn Groups

19. Companies

20. Influencers

Other Details

  • Born in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, Mr. XXXX now makes his home in Fort Lauderdale,Florida where he has had a residence for the past 10 years.
  • He enjoys video editing, stage production and many forms of

Professional and Educational Background

  • Born in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, Mr. XXXX now makes his home in Fort Lauderdale,Florida where he has had a residence for the past 10 years.
  • He enjoys video editing and stage production.

XXXX’s Professional Journey

  • As an XXXXXX CIO, XXXX leads the global IT operations and drives the digital agenda,including the infrastructure, services and applications.
  • He also leads CIO Ecosystem Products and Services, and in this capacity, is responsible for XXXXX’s buy-side relationships with strategic suppliers as well as supplier management services delivered to clients.
  • XXXX serves as XXXXX’s Global LGBT Network Sponsor.
  • XXXX was a Senior Managing Director prior to this, responsible for all infrastructure outsourced services for XXXXX’s global client base, as well as infrastructure operations for XXXXX’s Business Process Service (BPS).
  • He also served as Managing Director for XXXXX Operations Delivery Centers where he oversaw service operations and delivery excellence after re-joining XXXXX.
    • His other earlier experience includes:
      • Managing Director, Fujitsu Services, United Kingdom, where he led the IT Services business for finance, retail and
      • CEO for GE Capital IT Solutions in the United Kingdom
      • Began his career with XXXXX where he spent 11 years in a variety of operational and leadership positions in Technology, Outsourcing and Consulting, including six years serving clients in the capital markets.

Educational Background

  • He is a graduate of Loughborough University in Leicestershire, United Kingdom with a combined degree in computer science and business

Awards and Recognitions

  • XXXX was also named a 2016 Computerworld Premier 100 Technology Leader.
  • XXXXX was selected as one of 100 innovative organizations by CIO Magazine that use IT effectively to create business value for the years 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008 and
  • InformationWeek recognized XXXXX’s IT organization seven years in a row, from 2007 to 2013 and the company was named to the InfoWorld 100 list for four consecutive years (2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006).
  • IDG Enterprise recently recognized XXXXX as a 2017 Digital Edge 50 award

Recent Blogs/Article

  • How XXXXX Embraces Technology Change: XXXXX, implement new technology, apps, programs, and systems at a dynamic pace. Rolling these out is the relatively easy part. Getting our 450,000 people to change and adopt new behaviours around them can be a challenge. 
  • XXXXXs Employee Technology Support Journey: XXXXX’s internal IT organization faces the dual need of providing high-quality, multi-channel, intuitive technology support across a vast, global employee base at optimal cost, while ensuring high levels of employee.
  • XXXXX adoption of Microsoft OneDrive for Business at scale: XXXXX uses Microsoft OneDrive for Business as its several aspects of the product is aligned with XXXXX’s IT strategic direction. It supported their strategy of being cloud first, offered enhanced security and held the potential to empower XXXXX people.
  • XXXXX creating a culture of equality: In celebration of International Women’s Day, XXXXX reveal their latest research and actions they can each take to champion a culture of equality. 
  • XXXXX’s Technology Vision 2018: In this year’s XXXXX Technology Vision, five emerging trends have been highlighted that will spur this XXXXX publishes the five most life-changing tech trends. On Valentine’s Day, the XXXXX Technology Vision 2018 was launched, focusing on trends relating to the Intelligent Enterprise. 
  • XXXXX runs the world’s largest and most stable Skype for business installation at Hyper Scale: XXXXX has a successful track record of teaming with Microsoft and its suite of collaboration tools, which are at the heart of XXXXX’s “digital worker” posture. Today, 99.9% of XXXXX conference takes place via Skype for Business and collaboration across XXXXX globally.
  • The most wonderful time of the year: XXXXX is once again teaming with org to support Hour of Code—a grassroots movement to empower every student in every school worldwide to learn to code. 
  • XXXXX’s Migration to Microsoft Office 365: XXXXX’s internal IT leaders and many other XXXXX folks went to Microsoft’s big conference dedicated to XXXXX’s multiyear journey to Office 365 began with successfully moving the company’s on-premise collaboration infrastructure to the cloud. It was a cost play, resulting in 25% yearly savings on Exchange and SharePoint operating costs and delivered a return on investment in one year. 

CIO Live - a TV show broadcasted by XXXX

  • CIO Live is a TV show that XXXX broadcasts quarterly to XXXXX’s entire IT It has multiple cameras, a set, and a studio audience.
  • “Imagine the Tonight Show with guests from the business and our senior leadership team,” says “I open with a monologue that reflects on newsheadlines, some of the themes I am hearing from the XXXXX marketing team, our critical measures of success, and key messages from our executive leadership. We are launching an upgraded CRM solution and are about to re- launch our website, so I talk about all of that.”
  • XXXXX might have a guest from the marketing team demo the new website or ask his DevOps lead to stand up, “weatherman style” to walk through a new “The PowerPoint is dead,” says XXXXX. “CIOs need to communicate with digital products.”

XXXXX XXXXX Statements On Cloud Accelerates Tech Upgrades

Keywords/ Tags:

Cloud, IT infrastructure, Data center, SAP, SAP S/4 HANA

Mr. XXXX XXXXX on company’s digital transition and moving to a Cloud based technology platform,

  • “I passionately believe that you don’t have to have this bifurcation of old and It’s a quantum range. It’s a continuum. Different services and capabilities will move along at different rates.” 1
  • Furthermore, he went on to say, “You can’t fundamentally operate two separate paradigms just because of the underlying technology of where you start. Currently about 85% of XXXXX’s IT infrastructure is operating in the 2

SAP/S4 HANA: Mr. XXXX on upgrading to SAP S/4HANA, calling it, “a brand new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)” said,

  • “It happens to be replacing the prior version of SAP. But it is a big single global In addition to the SAP upgrade there are about 300 other application services that are going live and changing all around the go live of S/4.” 3

According to XXXX, this kind of an upgrade to SAP S/4HANA is only made possible due to cloud computing technology.

  • You could not test all of that in the old days, because you simply didn’t have the environment, bandwidth, or ability to scale the different scenarios, permutations, and Now, with cloud, you can.”4
  • He further went on to say, “XXXXX has been able to do 16 or 17 cut-overs and a huge variety of testing. We couldn’t do that without the power of cloud — without the ability to spin up parallel “5

Mr. XXXX XXXX on the power of cloud computing technology

  • “The power of cloud helps you do something which on the surface looks old- fashioned but is increasingly agile and more flexible, even though it looks the same to the casual observer. You don’t separate old and new, because old never becomes new in that model, and old must become “6

On Adopting Microsoft OneDrive for Business Scale


OneDrive, Microsoft OneDrive, Cloud, Data Migration

Mr. XXXX XXXX on collaborating and adopting Microsoft OneDrive on a Business

scale, said, “To innovate for our people at XXXXX, we are putting a completely new, next-generation experience into their hands through new capabilities. One of these is Microsoft OneDrive for Business. According to Microsoft, XXXXX is one of the largest users of OneDrive for Business, with more than 1 billion files stored, consuming 2.6 PB of storage as of March 2018.”


He also addressed as how Microsoft OneDrive technology was used in XXXXX,

“When Microsoft released OneDrive for Business, several aspects of the product aligned with XXXXX’s IT strategic direction. It supported our strategy of being cloud first, offered enhanced security and held the potential to empower XXXXX people with a new way of working, not to mention seamless integration with Microsoft Office. These and other factors made for a compelling business case and led us to deploy OneDrive company-wide in 2016.”8

On deploying Microsoft’s OneDrive Technology in the company

“As many of my fellow CIOs know, it’s one thing to deploy a new technology, but another to get employees to adopt it—and even more so at the scale of a large enterprise. To make it happen at XXXXX, we needed to provide an easy way for our people to learn how and make the change. We developed a three-part

change management plan that has been launched and continues to be in play.”9 He also talked about the changed approaches taken to adopt OneDrive technology,

“Our change approach is both targeted and organic. The first part of our plan is around generating awareness of OneDrive and its value. Messaging is pushed out regularly by our internal communications vehicles, videos, internal social media, blogs and scorecards that show adoption by XXXXX geographies. Rather than mandating a company-wide change, we chose to let employees do the adoption when convenient for them.”

He further added, “The next part of the plan involves helping employees start using OneDrive for Business and to understand it. We do this by providing them with transition enablers. One is a Business Data Migration tool, co-developed by us and Avanade. It helps employees tackle what is often the biggest adoption hurdle—performing the initial load of all their files to OneDrive. Another enabler is a series of videos that demonstrate the best ways of using OneDrive. A third enabler is XXXXX’s PC upgrade process that involves one-third of our employee population every year. Prior to an upgrade, employees are encouraged to move all their files to OneDrive. The final part of the change management plan focuses on providing support. Once XXXXX people start to use OneDrive, the goal is to support them in continuing to use it and avoid having them revert to old ways. People can take online training workshops at their own pace and/or visit a support site for help.”


View on the role of CIO

XXXX’s views on the role of CIO:

  • business processes to workforces, to collaboration and communication capabilities,
  • Be opinionated, disruptive, and a source of
  • Don’t end up being too much in a silo, too associated with one platform or one
  • Think laterally about the changes that the business is undertaking, think laterally about how your role can
  • There’s never been a better time to be in IT, serving as consultants to the business and guiding the organization through more technology disruption and opportunities than ever



CIO Perspectives: XXXX XXXX

  • XXXX’s insights and ideas about the digital agenda, innovation and
  • XXXXX’s technology, IT Priorities and the new technologies that excites him (such as innovations in Cloud).



  • XXXX discussed digital transformation, increasing mobile workforce serving XXXXX’s needs, transformational agendas, new security protocols due to rise in technology, XXXXX’s adoptive culture.
  • XXXX ensures that XXXXX is at the forefront of innovation as a digital business—from mission-critical applications to the network, from e-mail and laptops to enterprise social media and collaboration tools.
  • XXXX is also responsible for end-to-end performance and service operations of XXXXX, a wholly-owned XXXXX subsidiary, which works together with XXXXX to provide expertise and to deliver services for airlines in key operational and revenue generating areas.


YouTube Video

Technologies mentioned by XXXX

  • Cloud (e.g., Azure, Amazon Web Services)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) (e.g. SAP, S/4 HANA)
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Microsoft:
    • Office 365
    • Windows 10
    • OneDrive
  • Managed Services
  • Collaboration tools
    • ServiceNow platform – XXXXX Support Platforms
    • Skype for Business
    • Lync
  • Salesforce

XXXX’s Interests

LinkedIn Groups

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) Network | Technology: The CIO Group is managed by, a leading career site and specialized recruiting They offer a premium service to send your resume to thousands of recruiters on our platform. 
  • CIO Forum: The CIO Forum, facilitated by, is where members of the CIO community can connect and collaborate to move their business technology initiatives and careers forward.


  • MAANA: MAANA is the pioneer in knowledge-centric technology. The MAANA Knowledge Platform turns human expertise and data into digital knowledge for employees to make better and faster.
  • XXXXX: XXXXX is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, and technology.
  • XXXXX Digital: Technology can transform every aspect of your company and every business must be a digital business. Our industry expertise and integrated digital capabilities can help you innovate.
  • XXXXX Strategy: Today, technology is transforming every organization. XXXXX Strategy provides technology-enabled strategy to help you take advantage of opportunities. 
  • XXXXX Operations: XXXXX Operations help clients to transform their operations—harnessing talent, data, and intelligence to deliver the right information where and when its needed. We deliver breakthrough business outcomes for our clients through business process, IT infrastructure and cloud services. 
  • XXXXX Technology: XXXXX Technology can help you harness the power of emerging technologies while getting the most of out of your legacy IT. We combine business and industry insights with technology know-how. 
  • XXXXX Cloud: XXXXX’s Cloud First agenda moves you to the cloud to transform your businesses in this new era where applications, infrastructure, and business processes are combined and delivered As-a-Service.