List of Top Consulting Advisors and Coaches


Company Name – David A. Fields Consulting Group

CEO – David A. Fields

Website –

Headquarters – Ridgefield, CT, US

Business Description – The David A. Fields Group helps leaders of small consulting firms generate more revenue (and more rainmakers), and scale profitably.

Services – Building a consulting practice, business development, sales, consulting sales


Company Name – Summit Consulting Group, Inc.

CEO – Alan Weiss

Website –

Headquarters – East Greenwich, RI, US

Business Description –  Alan Weiss offers growth opportunities to boutique consulting firms. He has worked extensively with professional services firms internationally to boost top line growth and maximize margins through his proprietary approaches to Marketing Gravity™ and Value Based Fees.

Services – Provide coaching for the principals, reorienting business acquisition, changing fee structures, or redesigning the entire engagement and delivery model

Company Name – Laura’s Consulting Guide

CEO – Laura Burford

Website –

Headquarters – West Chester, PA, US

Business Description – Partner with business professionals and boutique consulting firms to build and improve their business so that they successfully make money.

Services -“The Consultancy Model© which consist of 7 knowledge areas. , Step-by-step program known as the Consultant’s Jumpstart Blueprint© and on-line courses at Laura’s Consulting Guide.”


DXD Partners

CEO – Andrew Pek

Website –

Headquarters – New York City, NY, US

Business Description – We help individuals and the organizations they lead, innovate and transform by providing them with inspiring educational programs, sage guidance and human-centered tools that are easy to use, fun to experience and achieve sustainable business results.

Services – Educational, Advisory and Program and Project Support

Center for Executive Coaching


Website –

Headquarters – Osprey, FL, US

Business Description – he Center for Executive Coaching is the leading coaching training & certification company for professionals seeking success as coaches to leaders, executives, managers, and up-and-coming talent — especially in dynamic and complex organizations. We have trained over 2,000 coaches in 32 countries, and now give our members license to use our complete toolkit of two dozen, best practice coaching frameworks.

Services – Behavioral coaching, Perceptual coaching, Situational coaching, Create coaching proprietary frameworks and methodologies. 

Consulting Success

Website –

Headquarters – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Business Description – Consulting Success® is the worldwide leader in coaching and training for entrepreneurial consultants. We are Michael Zipursky and Sam Zipursky, also known as the “Zipursky Cousins” to our clients and friends. We are entrepreneurs, consultants, authors and strategic coaches. 

Services – Clarity Coaching Program

Seven Stones Leadership

CEO – Gina LaRoche

Website –

Headquarters – Concord, MA, US

Business Description -“Seven Stones Leadership provides leadership learning programs, coaching practice, organizational consulting engagements & groundbreaking thought leadership

Their coaches has trained boutique consulting firms to Fortune 500 leaders.”

Services – Transformational Coaching, Team Coaching, Supervision for Coaches and Trusted Advisors, Sustainable Abundance Curriculum, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Online Courses

Sheri Kaye Hoff Transformational Business Coaching

CEO – Sheri Kaye Hoff

Website –

Headquarters – Parker, CO, US

Business Description – “Global transformational business coach using intuition, vision, omnipresent marketing, and mindset mastery working with coaches, consultants, experts, professionals, and small biz owner

Services – Have more than 25 years of experience” Transformational business coaching, spiritual growth, omnipresent marketing, client relationship management, energy psychology, personal coaching, leadership development, emotional intelligence, performance management, time management, stress management, personal development, wellness, healing, mentoring, training


CEO – Bill Carter

Website –

Headquarters – New York City, NY, US

Business Description – ALM Intelligence provides proprietary data, analysis, and tools designed to empower our clients’ success. Our products are engineered to provide our clients with unique business intelligence to power critical decisions and market differentiation. Our analysts and researchers leverage their extensive industry knowledge and ALM’s vast data repositories to deliver cutting edge analysis in the legal, management consulting, financial advisory, insurance and risk vertical

Services – ALM Intelligence Analysts deliver actionable insights on the most critical challenges impacting the legal industry. Through rigorous analysis and interpretation of ALM’s vast proprietary data assets and deep market research, we inform and guide leaders of law firms and law departments, enabling them to proceed on the optimal path forward

W5 Coaching

CEO – John Nieuwenburg

Website –

Headquarters – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Business Description – John Nieuwenburg is an award winning Business Coach who has worked with hundreds of clients. There are almost as many different ways of delivering business coaching as there are business coaches. John coaches in 3 primary areas. Transactional: getting things done using proven tools, strategies and techniques. Transformational: working with you to make the shifts in mindset needed to facilitate success. Accountability: helping you to stay accountable for the results you have chosen that up until now may have been just a dream!

Services – At W5 Coaching we employ the Socratic style of leadership and teaching: a method of teaching by using useful questions to arrive at the right answer for you.