How We Work

Consultants benefit from global market intelligence under customized and flexible service arrangements

We start with an
understanding of project
background & research objectives

Your knowledge partner, not a research agency

Your consultants work in tandem with our teams to meet everyday requirements of research, insights, stats, facts, data gathering, and more.

Regular communication to ensure alignment

From initial prospecting to the introductory call with your team to ongoing execution and closure…we are available on any of your preferred communication media.

Balancing the big picture and nuance

We research collaboratively with your team by analysing and communicating one layer at a time. This helps us stay on the right track and provides your team with opportunity to realign approaches and objectives, besides saving time and cost.

Going well beyond Google searches

Our team is trained in the use of over 50 global research databases, both subscription-based and open source. We subscribe to leading global databases that include Statista, Crunchbase, and several others.

Start every consulting project/ assignment with our research and analysis of the most pressing developments affecting industries, segments and markets today.

IBC helps you push past the expected, and renders the status quo obsolete. Because a better, more prosperous future is yours for the seeking.