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An Open and People first organisation , which is ambitious, looking for

We are looking for the best, focused, agile and meticulous.

People First

The “People First” attitude of IBC Consultants emulates the best practices in team building and its related activities to achieve the 3Ps – People, Performance and Productivity. Having engaged, participatory and satisfied people as part of a performing organisation will ensure productivity that brings customer delight. 

An Organisation Driven by Values

For IBC Consultants Values are the ethos of the company's very existence. We as an organisation thrive on our values of practising integrity, delivering excellence, caring for the people as well as clients equally, fun at work and growing in the world of business.

We believe in Flat Organisation Structure

At IBC , we thrive to become an epitome of flat organisation structure, with no hierarchy or authority and where Equality is maintained among all employees.

“The key pillars of IBC Consultants are establishing a shared long-term vision, fostering a people-centric culture, developing leaders from within, and sending people home-fulfilled.”