About IBC's Purpose

Our purpose is to make the world a happy and prosperous place by supporting millions of companies globally become sustainable and profitable, resulting in a massive difference in the global economy, making India the intellectual capital of the world, and giving our team a fulfilling, exciting, inspiring and nurturing life.

Job Purpose

As a seasoned researcher, you will manage the Research and Analysis (R&A) team’s day-to-day affairs, projects, and tasks.

RM is expected to:

  • Convert pre-sales conversations into projects (10%)
  • Ensure quality & values are being delivered to our clients (50%)
  • Training, coaching, motivating & inspiring a team of 10-20 researchers to deliver on such projects (10%)
  • Ensure IBC builds long-lasting relationships with its clients. (10%)
  • Support CEO in formulating & executive IBC’s growth strategy (20%)

Job Outcomes




Attend 90% of the pre-sales calls

Follow pre-sales processes in 100% of the meetings

Project Management & Delivery

Deliver $100,000 worth of research projects in 12 months

Deliver 95%+ of the research projects error-free.

Training & Development

Ensure Training Calendar is being followed for all team members 

Client Relationships

Build strong relations with 10 clients annually – resulting in $10k additional revenues from each of them

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Impeccable communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Expert in Secondary/Desk-research with extensive experience of using global research tools/databases
  • Team player, Leader, Manager and Mentor
  • Expertise in Advanced Excel & Presentation skills
  • Critical thinker. Strong in analytical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Self-motivated, methodical, and well organised
  • Entrepreneurial & independent

Apply if you have

  • The ability to reduce complex issues to the essentials and always keep an eye on the “big picture”.
  • The Willingness to leave the comfort zone and grow with challenges.
  • High level of independence, resilience, flexibility, creativity, and team spirit.
  • Strong will to inspire the team.
  • Relevant project management and leadership experience.
  • Graduate/Post-Graduate (Preferably Engineering/Management).
  • 5+ years of professional experience as an organizational consultant.
  • Strong communication skills.

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