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IBC specializes in helping boutique Management Consulting firms with their everyday requirements of Research, Analysis or simply Data. For these firms, IBC’s model mimics the benefits that top-tier Consulting Firms derive from their centralized pool of researchers (or knowledge centres): flexibility, scalability & cost-effectiveness.

We, at IBC, strongly believe that emerging consulting firms globally should have access to quality research at their finger-tips.

In addition to consultants, IBC also helps other Professional Services firms (like PE/VC funds), mid-size companies & start-ups or entrepreneurs, in answering any business questions that they may have.

While we work on global regions, most of our projects are focused on US, UK, Australia & Middle-East. Our team is industry-agnostic as we research several different industries and even niche-spaces.

Why Us

In today’s dynamic business environment, getting the most from limited resources has become increasingly important – not only for companies, but also for Consultants who help these companies. Management Consultants have an increasing need to focus their time and attention on high-impact activities.

We take care of the groundwork and desk research so that you can focus your energy and skills on thought leadership. The biggest limitation for many individual business coaches and consultants, as well as new consulting firms, is that they don’t always have a dedicated team to scale up and tap into potential business opportunities. IBC solves this problem by providing the surge capacity to optimize project deliveries.

IBC fills the gap between a full-time researcher and a freelancer, bringing out the best of both worlds. We offer the dedicated, professional and scalable research support that you expect from a full-timer, but at the cost and with the flexibility of a freelancer. Whether it’s a small quick-turnaround research task, or an extensive research project spread over months, IBC’s unique work model is the ideal solution.

IBC takes pride in its extended team of highly accomplished and enthusiastic associates, who have degrees in business, finance, strategy, marketing, statistics, journalism, mathematics, computer science, etc. Thanks to this deep bench of talent, we are able to help on research projects from a wide range of subjects.

Features Freelancer IBC Own Employee
Scalability High High Low
Affordability High High Low
Access to Diverse Skills High High Low
Reliability & Professionalism Low High High
Confidentiality Low High High
Hiring & Training Cost High Low High
Control Low Medium High
Continuity Low High High


IBC has a world-class team of subject matter and process experts. Most of our associates have degrees in business, finance, marketing, engineering, IT, science and other relevant disciplines. Our proprietary training programs in functional areas, as well as in communications, project management, and leadership skills, serve to supplement their academic education and enhance their effectiveness.

The same exceptional level of achievement and breadth of knowledge is reflected in our administrative team.


Harsh Vardhan Passari


IBC Consultants cofounder Harsh Passari is a serial entrepreneur with consulting and research experience across multiple geographies. He is a graduate of St. Xavier’s College and the Indian School of Business, where he earned an MBA in Finance & Strategy. Harsh has worked as a business …


Ritu Passari


Ritu Passari is a graduate of Shri Ram College of Commerce and Birla Institute of Management and Technology. She has served as a senior executive at Aegis BPO, Essar Group and as a consultant for LBW Consulting Pvt. Ltd., where her clients included Mercedes India and …


Sanjay Goel


In a professional career spanning more than 35 years, Sanjay has held leadership positions in several multinational organizations and has significant experience in acquisition integration, business turnaround, and setting up engineering and knowledge offshore centers. A certified Six Sigma …



During the past three years, we have had the opportunity to work with a range of diverse and highly regarded clients. These included not only leading business consultants and entrepreneurs, but also a CERN physicist, a TED curator, a Harvard professor, an inventor, and many others with eclectic specializations. We've worked with over 150 clients, large and small, companies and individuals, from 20 different countries. We have been gratified to add value to their businesses and professions, and, as a result of their satisfying experiences, many have become repeat clients.



We take care of the groundwork and desk research so that you can focus your energy and skills on thought leadership. The biggest limitation for many individual business coaches and consultants, as well as new consulting firms, is that they don’t always have a dedicated team to scale up and tap into potential business opportunities. IBC solves this problem by providing the surge capacity to optimize project deliveries. We have a wide spectrum of capabilities, including:

  • Remote Business Analyst

  • Market Research

  • Financial Analysis

  • Excel Modeling

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Presentations & Proposals

  • Data Collection & Assimilation

  • Primary Research & Surveys

  • Research-on-Demand

  • Presentations & Proposals

  • HR Consultants

    • Workshop Design
    • JDs and Org. Structure
    • Salary Benchmarking


A startup needs bandwidth to experiment in the marketplace, where time is of the essence. IBC is uniquely able to provide the responsive administrative support and other essential services an emerging company needs to achieve profitable growth. From market research to report writing, investor presentations, and lead generation, IBC Consultants has the diverse skill sets and global experience to help you launch your business and turn dreams into reality.

  • Remote Administrator

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Research-on-Demand

  • Lead Generation

  • Business Plans

  • Social Media Management

  • Market Research & Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Investor Presentations



Business Managers are often deluged with demands for business data, analytics and presentations, which can be hard to deal with in the limited amount of time available to them. IBC offers a diverse range of services to make your work easier and enhance your productivity, which allows you to focus on those responsibilities that truly warrant your personal attention and intellect.

  • Research-on-Demand

  • Excel Modeling

  • Data Assimilation

  • Lead Generation

  • Workshop Design

  • Market Studies

Successful group of businesspeople working in office. They are on a meeting.  The focus is on the beautiful brunette looking at the camera. 




IBC Consultants offers a range of engagement models that make it easy for our clients to customize their solutions for optimum value and productivity. Our highly flexible and scalable options allow you to design a plan that lets you achieve your goals with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency. Select the model that's right for you:

Fixed Price Model

For well-defined projects with specific beginning and ending dates, we can quote and agree on a fixed price.


Retainer Model

If your need for assistance is less predictable, but you need help for a specific number of hours each month, we provide a dedicated assistant to work with you on a one-to-one basis for a regular hourly fee.

Hourly Model

If you have intermittent short-term projects with indefinite time requirements, then you may want to buy a prepaid block of hours to use when you need them.


When you choose IBC, you not only receive highly skilled support tailored to your needs but the added benefits that come with using an established, sophisticated and trusted provider:

  • Confidentiality – All client-related information is treated with the utmost discretion.
  • Colocation – Our core team works out of the same office, which facilitates more effective collaboration.
  • Designated leader – No matter how many people are working on your project, there is a single point person to handle all communications and directives.
  • Seamless interaction – IBC makes full use of collaborative applications and tools (e.g., Dropbox, Asana, Google Drive, Slack etc.) to streamline the work process.


For Research Firms

We partner with research teams from other regions and with different strengths in order to better serve clients and build productive relationships. If your company needs help with region-specific work (e.g., involving India or Singapore) or would like to take advantage of our expertise in specific areas, we encourage you to get in touch with us. In addition, if there are companies or individuals that you’re unable to serve but who might benefit from our services, we invite you to become a referral affiliate. For every client you refer to us, you’ll receive a percentage of income generated in the first year. With our excellent track record and superior resources, you can be certain that we will provide your referrals with the highest-quality services. Please contact us to find out more about our affiliate program and specific referral rates.


For Business Gurus/Consulting Firms

IBC regularly partners with Business Coaches and Consulting Firms to provide Remote Business Analyst support for their ongoing client work. By partnering with IBC, you are able to keep your permanent staff levels low, while still being able to effectively service a broad range of clients. The client relationship remains entirely in your hands; while we provide the back-end research to help you deliver first-rate results every time. Please contact us to discuss potential partnership opportunities in more detail.

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